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Office 365

No matter who you use for your web design and web development services, we encourage customers to not fall into the trap of going with the web company’s offer of free email. Number one, this means that your emails are sitting on the same server as your website which means if your website goes down your email goes down. Number two and more importantly you will always be limited on space and there is never a guarantee of mail delivery.

As with our recommendation that hosting and Domains are owned by our customers, we do suggest that email is owned in the same way. To this end we highly recommend that all of our customers sign up and use the Microsoft Office365 email services. This not only provides a massive 50GB mailbox per email account but also guarantees successful mail delivery across the Microsoft network. More importantly though, if your website goes down or offline for any reason your emails are not affected in any way.

We assist with the roll out of Microsoft Office365 email services and can even manage on your behalf moving forward.