Website Design in Bournemouth, Poole & Dorset

About Us

We are a team that really do care about our clients and their web presence. Not only that but we work to provide solutions to fit any budget large or small.

We are not your traditional web company looking to sting customers for as much as we can get out of them, we are a company that truly treats every single customer individually.

The team is headed up by Rob Brown who has over 25 +years in the IT and web industry both locally and globally. Our team are local and office based i.e. not off shore or out of the area. We pride ourselves with our customer satisfaction which is reflected in our customer retention.

Our services are truly transparent. We provide in house design and development services but where a project is of a size that requires additional resource we work closely with two local well established development teams that we have a strong on-going business relationship with. But don’t worry all of the project management and customer care still sits firmly with us as your web provider.

We are not looking to change the world of web and or grow a substantial business that incurs massive overheads which are passed on to our clients. We are realistic with our goals and aspirations and as with any local business we look to earn a fair coin whilst ensuring that we can cope with the demand.